Russia’s Putin statement to Americans via Obama


Putin Respect Statement to Americans

I really am impressed with Vlad Putin’s statement via Obama. I appreciate the respect he is showing America seated in a casual friend like manner with a nice suit. and a written and well prepared statement of importance. Remember our President has advisors wipe his butt for him if he so wants and secret service 24/7 so he is never alone.

We as Americans must stop our Presumptiousness and Assuming Communist Russia has their own butt wiper and speech writer like our American President. He don’t. Just by the way he appears and the papers in his hand that isn’t some doodling he wants us to believe he put alot of thought and effort into his words and why should we believe otherwise. He makes a damn good impression to the world and is very dignified. while our President makes the leader of China pay for his opinion he freely expressed re: American President “He reminds the leader of China of a “Stressed Out Monkey.” and Obama sanctions China for his comment. Our President is the most embarrassing thing American’s voted to represent us internationally. Let alone needed to ring in the new millennium. future generations will read & find Obama as hysterical as I do. What were we thinking and how did Obama as President Happen not just once. (An erogenous mistake) but it happened again? successively.

8 years we forced world leaders to put up with a hysterical President. OMG we will be known as the generation of fools.
President loves the “WORLD LEADER” title and Santions the leader of China for his Opinion of our President the guy is hysterical obviously . If not Hysterical then Obama is as a world leader more oppressive a conqueror than the “Scourge of China, KHAN.” and he conquered his own people not just the rest of the world.

FREEDOM OF OPINION isn’t allotted the leader of China because it cost him. You just don’t go around and sanction world leaders for them sharing freely and honestly their opinion. Expressing himself. WOW What a Poser President Obama be.