We The People

As a voter in a century of:

  • shoddy complacency
  • laziness
  • sloth & vice
  • coveting
  • sub standard Wages
  • Inflation

Where mind control seems a dismal truth we try to throw away.

But it sounds more appealing as the dreary days and nights pass us by

  • continually
  • meticulously
  • absolutely
  • with great consistency
  • Day in and Day Out
  • We ARE

MAYBE Voting can bring you back!!!

  • To life
  • Revive you
  • Give Back Conviction
  • Sense of Self Worth
  • Responsibility
Give us a good sound opinion again

Or how bout we all act like the adults here and not vote for anybody for President.If you don’t like the candidates running for office.  Don’t you think it is too important of a position just to vote for whoever is running in your chosen party?

What does it mean to be a Democrat?   A Republican?  A Liberal?  An Independent?

A Gnostic?   Agnostic?  Adventist?  Member of Scientology?

What does it mean to be 1 or more of these “political” “Religious” brands?

Those amongst us humans who are racist or even just a little prejudice may you forever remain clueless about what it means to be a part of anything greater than your self.  The right to gather and protest against an government acting as in Anarchy is our 1st amendment right to do so.

If you can’t get the 1st one right then how can I hope you can get any of the harder ones right.  they are suppose to be self explanatory the basic GOD given principals of morality and ethics. if you don’t get the 1st one right you sure as hell have to be outside of the image and likeness of GOD.  you are an enemy that is HATE! For moralitys sake we will just call you ALIENS.