In 2012 California’s 3 Strikes Law up for a Vote

Dateline 2012 Ballot:  California’s controversial 3 strikes law went back to voters after 20 years of appeals, scrutiny, and non-violent felons being railroaded by Ludacris officials who see the law as a “quick fix” to reduce crime statistics.  Not just violent crimes.

California 3 strikes law 20 years later

Californian’s know this controversial law has accomplished little. Our state now locks up petty thieves, homeless, drug addicts, veterans, and gang members for life.

Has the 3 strikes law ever been applied to females?   We don’t know.

3 strikes law changed California

Steal a piece of pizza in California and  your life and your liberty are taken from you. Not to mention you will never be free again and you will die behind bars.

In 96 it cost the state $1,500.00 a day to house 1 inmate behind bars.  The cost to house 3 striker inmates after 20 years must be staggering . It has only been 20 years since voters approved the ballot measure spearheaded by a father whos daughter,
Polly Klaas was taken from a slumber party and brutally beaten, raped and murdered. calif-voters-consider-changes-three-strikes-law-18627