Blessed Memorial Day Today

To all our Veterans’, Military Personnel, Senior Veterans, and last but not least our Vietnam War Veterans Happy Memorial Day and your actions can never be forgotten. Your sacrifices, your youth lost, your life on the line no gratitude can ever swear by your actions.  Feel blessed that you made it home and GOD Bless those families whose lives changed when they lost a loved one to war.

Your sacrifices for us and for our country will live on forever.  GOD willing America will never lose the liberty and freedom all of you fought for in America’s wars.

This includes the Syrian war our soldiers are fighting as We Speak fighting and dying for other persons Freedom and Liberty and the Freedom and Liberty of maybe the whole entire world.  GOD Bless them today and don’t forget to say a little prayer for them and all the victims and young boys and girls who continue to suffer cruel Sexual abominations in the care of ISIS.   May their dicks fall off and their pheromones rage out of control until there is nothing left but some non Gendered leg humpers upon the holy land.   AMEN


NRA Endorses Trump calls Hilary “Heartless”‘

Trump called Hilary’s democratic Gun Control Support “Heartless” as Trump states “The people in the high crime areas can not defend themselves because of all the Gun Control” Which Hilary supports



Trump has a lot of good arguments and he himself is the best argument… He knows he cannot do any worse than any other candidate for President.  His High Energy and potential is very invigorating to say the least. The best thing is he stands up for his beliefs and doesn’t worry about who is judging him for it.  He believes what he believes.