See USATodays Timeline of Mass Murder since 2006

Caution this is very shocking and scary to see these statistics over the last 10 years.

Records all Mass Killings of 4 or more people in the US in the last 10 years

According to the statistics everyone in the US has been within 100 miles of a Mass Murder scene regardless of where you live. Or a large % of us have been close

I live in the middle of nowhere yet I am within range of 3 maybe more. The San Bernadino Mass Shooting is the most well known to non California Natives.

USA Today Mass Murder Timeline






Gunmen in Rio Capture Swedish Tourist Before Olympics — TIME

Gunmen near a slum in Rio de Janeiro ambushed three Swedish tourists and held one captive on Wednesday. None of the tourists were hurt, but the incident heightened fears about crime in Olympics host city just before the summer games are set to kick off. The tourists were headed to downtown Rio from a spot…

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