Blogger Issued Cease and Desist Order

A Northern California Blogger is issued a cease and desist order and asked to delete information in his blog regarding the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff lead by Ammon Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s son. The information on his blog is in reference to undercover informants who were part of the standoff. If info re: informants is confidential why does an ordinary Blogger have information leading to knowledge of their identities???   It never pays to be a snitch.  Nobody likes a snitch not even the justice system.

Blogger issued a Cease and Desist order for his BLOG Posts

One member of the group was murdered by federal agents with his hands in the air and unarmed they used excessive force and shot and killed an unarmed in compliance American Citizen exercising his right to first amendment protest and gathering in protest of government corruption.

The Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff group was arrested and charged with conspiracy. Recently acquitted in the Oregon standoff. Still facing similar charges in Nevada for another standoff with BLM officials.

After BLM became cattle rustlers and held Cliven Bundy’s herd of cattle behind locked gates on “Public Lands” managed by BLM.  BLM had snipers, dressed in tactical gear. BLM appeared as a militia group rather than BLM officials

The Bundy’s are the Rancher family that goes head to head with the corruption and underhanded dealings of the seemingly untouchable government bureau BLM. Employed to manage American citizens “PUBLIC LANDS” for Americans enjoyment and use. Government red tape, bureaucracy, and environmental issues are justifications for closing our public lands for public use.  Giving only BLM access to our public lands.

It is estimated, in the western United States  alone, hundreds of millions of acres of land is under the control of BLM