Media Bias is Fueling the Rise of Hate Groups

A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center claims the number of hate groups in the U.S. are on the rise, which it blames on terrorist attacks as well as President Trump’s rhetoric. In its annual report on U.S. extremist groups, the Alabama-based nonprofit says the number of hate groups rose from 892 in…

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See USATodays Timeline of Mass Murder since 2006

Caution this is very shocking and scary to see these statistics over the last 10 years.

Records all Mass Killings of 4 or more people in the US in the last 10 years

According to the statistics everyone in the US has been within 100 miles of a Mass Murder scene regardless of where you live. Or a large % of us have been close

I live in the middle of nowhere yet I am within range of 3 maybe more. The San Bernadino Mass Shooting is the most well known to non California Natives.

USA Today Mass Murder Timeline






California Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program

A Quick Link to Californias Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program Check it out before it is over:

Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program 2015-2017


There are alot of requirements to meet in this program and if qualified up to 50-80% of your ticket and you will get your drivers liscense reinstated.

It is worth a try

Blessed Memorial Day Today

To all our Veterans’, Military Personnel, Senior Veterans, and last but not least our Vietnam War Veterans Happy Memorial Day and your actions can never be forgotten. Your sacrifices, your youth lost, your life on the line no gratitude can ever swear by your actions.  Feel blessed that you made it home and GOD Bless those families whose lives changed when they lost a loved one to war.

Your sacrifices for us and for our country will live on forever.  GOD willing America will never lose the liberty and freedom all of you fought for in America’s wars.

This includes the Syrian war our soldiers are fighting as We Speak fighting and dying for other persons Freedom and Liberty and the Freedom and Liberty of maybe the whole entire world.  GOD Bless them today and don’t forget to say a little prayer for them and all the victims and young boys and girls who continue to suffer cruel Sexual abominations in the care of ISIS.   May their dicks fall off and their pheromones rage out of control until there is nothing left but some non Gendered leg humpers upon the holy land.   AMEN


NRA Endorses Trump calls Hilary “Heartless”‘

Trump called Hilary’s democratic Gun Control Support “Heartless” as Trump states “The people in the high crime areas can not defend themselves because of all the Gun Control” Which Hilary supports



Trump has a lot of good arguments and he himself is the best argument… He knows he cannot do any worse than any other candidate for President.  His High Energy and potential is very invigorating to say the least. The best thing is he stands up for his beliefs and doesn’t worry about who is judging him for it.  He believes what he believes.



We The People

As a voter in a century of:

  • shoddy complacency
  • laziness
  • sloth & vice
  • coveting
  • sub standard Wages
  • Inflation

Where mind control seems a dismal truth we try to throw away.

But it sounds more appealing as the dreary days and nights pass us by

  • continually
  • meticulously
  • absolutely
  • with great consistency
  • Day in and Day Out
  • We ARE

MAYBE Voting can bring you back!!!

  • To life
  • Revive you
  • Give Back Conviction
  • Sense of Self Worth
  • Responsibility
Give us a good sound opinion again

Or how bout we all act like the adults here and not vote for anybody for President.If you don’t like the candidates running for office.  Don’t you think it is too important of a position just to vote for whoever is running in your chosen party?

What does it mean to be a Democrat?   A Republican?  A Liberal?  An Independent?

A Gnostic?   Agnostic?  Adventist?  Member of Scientology?

What does it mean to be 1 or more of these “political” “Religious” brands?

Those amongst us humans who are racist or even just a little prejudice may you forever remain clueless about what it means to be a part of anything greater than your self.  The right to gather and protest against an government acting as in Anarchy is our 1st amendment right to do so.

If you can’t get the 1st one right then how can I hope you can get any of the harder ones right.  they are suppose to be self explanatory the basic GOD given principals of morality and ethics. if you don’t get the 1st one right you sure as hell have to be outside of the image and likeness of GOD.  you are an enemy that is HATE! For moralitys sake we will just call you ALIENS.


Misc photos show and tell

I love taking photos of everything. Except everyone in the family hates theirs taken.

I secretly go around taking photos of inanimate objects for weeks. They get tired of hiding from the camera when I never take their picture just so I can when it is celebration time without their faceless bodies acting camera shy.


37 lies Americans tell themselves to avoid confronting reality –

37 lies Americans tell themselves to avoid confronting reality

via 37 lies Americans tell themselves to avoid confronting reality –


It is the empathy that we subliminally give into that is the real mental health issue, crime, biblical apocalypse, Y2K, end of the world.

Why do you think it is called REVELATIONS instead of Apocalypse or Armageddon.

it is only common sense with empathy on the rise; Murder, Violence and high crimes become nothing more than a 5 second time filler on the news. We either block it out, look the other way, or change the channel. In this case we aren’t doing it because we are immortal God like diety. We are doing it because we are sick of hearing all the pessemistic propaganda of evil on the news.

Look at the empathy in sports.  You are only Michael Jordan famous as an athlete if you act unsportsmanlike or hit your girlfriend on hidden camera.  Then you are the talk of the town. (There is no longer a toast of the town famous)

Empathy exists when anyone with video being less than “average Human” gives Joe neighbor his 15 minutes of fame.

Jesus Christ I wish SATAN would get here already I am bored and tired of waiting for this sooner than later worlds end.  When will all these idiots, and cowards and pessemisim in News Propagandists (who church it all away every Sunday) go away with you.?

I can’t wait to watch SATAN propaganda at the end of the world. I heard it in a class all its own and really really funny because its contains the most truth for propaganda standards.


Russia’s Putin statement to Americans via Obama


Putin Respect Statement to Americans

I really am impressed with Vlad Putin’s statement via Obama. I appreciate the respect he is showing America seated in a casual friend like manner with a nice suit. and a written and well prepared statement of importance. Remember our President has advisors wipe his butt for him if he so wants and secret service 24/7 so he is never alone.

We as Americans must stop our Presumptiousness and Assuming Communist Russia has their own butt wiper and speech writer like our American President. He don’t. Just by the way he appears and the papers in his hand that isn’t some doodling he wants us to believe he put alot of thought and effort into his words and why should we believe otherwise. He makes a damn good impression to the world and is very dignified. while our President makes the leader of China pay for his opinion he freely expressed re: American President “He reminds the leader of China of a “Stressed Out Monkey.” and Obama sanctions China for his comment. Our President is the most embarrassing thing American’s voted to represent us internationally. Let alone needed to ring in the new millennium. future generations will read & find Obama as hysterical as I do. What were we thinking and how did Obama as President Happen not just once. (An erogenous mistake) but it happened again? successively.

8 years we forced world leaders to put up with a hysterical President. OMG we will be known as the generation of fools.
President loves the “WORLD LEADER” title and Santions the leader of China for his Opinion of our President the guy is hysterical obviously . If not Hysterical then Obama is as a world leader more oppressive a conqueror than the “Scourge of China, KHAN.” and he conquered his own people not just the rest of the world.

FREEDOM OF OPINION isn’t allotted the leader of China because it cost him. You just don’t go around and sanction world leaders for them sharing freely and honestly their opinion. Expressing himself. WOW What a Poser President Obama be.

What if we lost our 2nd Amendment?

The most controversial of all our liberties.

Back in the the roaring 20’s you could own a gun but it was a crime to drink beer.

Imagine if prohibition came to our neighborhoods in the form of our right to bear arms?  Would we revolt? become civil rights activists?

More young black adults are killed by police excessive force in the 20th century after the 90’s saw all kinds of new technology for police to arm themselves with equipment that would allow them to subdue a criminal without lethal force – Firing their guns.

They were also armed with bullet proof vests.  What sort of Hypocrisy is this? I am so outraged at all the murder by our local law enforcement protected under the power of our Justice system. Maybe if we take away all the vests, tasers, bean bags, air guns, batons and leave them feeling naked again like in the 80’s the hypocrites will quit their jobs. I have never seen a hypocrite naked. No longer will they feel invincible to any and all injustices especially their own.

They can keep their guns for their own protection against the bad guys. And once again they will be more like us average citizens. No non lethal submissiveness and bullet proof delusions of grandeur.

How else do they think they will earn the peoples respect once again. Against all odds

The 20th century where priests are the pedophiles and cops are the murderers.

What could possibly go wrong next?     Wait and see….  The media will be sure to

over report whatever it is.

Who Exactly is NATO as US tax dollars pour into them?

NATO is an International organization lead by United States that forms a delegation of “Members Only” countries who police the world against Communist oppression and threats to democratic paths of small countries. With a membership to join that is by “invitation only” and unanimous vote of all its Members new countries can join.  

Isn’t this a “Country Club” Members only or a “Sororities” Members Only principal.  Couldn’t they at least attempt to not commit idolatry against our College Students and their Rich “Country Club Parents.

Idoltary against Stereotyping Students in college.  Where hasn’t the world and our country gone to shit eating a shit sandwich in a hand basket.  Satan, The Devil, Lucifer hard at work to demonize the world for their own ends. Where does the sins end and sins begin “EVE” better go ask ADAM!

College Sororities’ have my vote.  At least the members all have to learn to live with each other in close quarters.  And be respectful of their competitor sorority, and not be spoiled sports, or bad winners, and when partying “Keep the Peace” or cops will come.

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Sim Cards technology stolen by US & UK security forces

Feb 2015

Tom Snowden associated with the NSA of America (how embarrassing)& governmental Sociopaths stealing Encryption Keys of SIM card technologies to hack more into our private lives and everyday conversations. They act like it is just a theory.

The biggest problem here is this:  Why do we Americans go onto foreign lands and forget our American Values. Like 1st amendment, 4th amendment, 5th amendment, We owe these to our fellow earthlings so they can truly witness the glory and morality of our democratic society.  Instead we break every law abiding Americans democratic rights.

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Local Book Sale

I cannot believe nobody my little sisters age know who Johnny Unitas is, nor do they know who Bruce Jenner is.  These are big sports fans maybe 10 years younger than me.  DSCF1385

And then to go from bad to worse they thought this guy was wearing an UMPIRES mask.  NO a honest to goodness FOOTBALL HELMET.  But his face is exposed.  What you don’t think a football player can handle a black eye.  Look at his nose and tell me he hasn’t broke his nose a time or two.  They asked me how many football players died of their injuries back then?  Back then was only 10 years before you were born. And they still don’t believe me and insist this guy was way back in the beginning of football like back in the 30’s.  Oh! So I am suppose to know him?  & not you? only 10 years younger than me. 

You don’t even want to hear us discuss Bruce Jenner.  I just settled for him being on the “Wheaties” box more than any other celebrity except for “Life” cereal and Mickey, maybe.  They couldn’t believe that was what sold boxes of cereal back then. 

Here we go with “way back then”,” Again.  

It sucks getting old.

Kern County Officials and City of Bakersfield Water Ephinany

will this turn out to a full blown water war.  the first but not the last for the state of California.

All over the state shows the possible chaos that could persist if this drought is as mean as they say it is.

Oil and Water Shouldn’t Mix because it is not Natural

Fracking threatens California’s water supplies in two ways. It uses massive amounts of water. In California, where oil and gas producers proudly tout the fact that they use “low water” fracking techniques, an average of 140,000 gallons of water are still required to frack a single well. On average, every Coachella Valley resident uses almost 135,000 gallons of water each year — about the same amount of water it takes to frack one well.

Even if you aren’t troubled by these consumption numbers, fracking also threatens water supplies through its polluting byproducts. Just last month, the state admitted to permitting more than 200 fracking fluid injection wells that put federally-protected aquifers at risk of being permanently contaminated, rendering the water unusable for consumption or even agricultural irrigation.

More than 5 million Californians live within one mile of a gas or oil well. While fracking may not take place in the Coachella Valley at this time, the potential impact of this practice on our state’s water supplies should be of concern to all of us.

A large portion of the Coachella Valley’s residential water supply is imported from other parts of the state. The articles you might read regarding lawsuits over the delta smelt and groundwater management in the Central Valley have much more to do with our local water supplies than many of us may realize. If folks in Bakersfield or Los Angeles find themselves unable to use groundwater polluted by fracking byproducts, they are going to clamor for more of our state’s shared water supply — leaving even less to go around for all of us.

California’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), which is charged with tracking fracking activity in the state, has fallen down on the job. The regional administrator for the federal Environmental Protection Agency commented that “there isn’t any system” to DOGGR’s record keeping at this point. If we don’t know what’s going on, it’s difficult to assess the extent of the risk fracking poses.

Until and unless we can fully understand and control the detrimental impacts of fracking on our precious water supply, the state of California should, at a minimum, place a moratorium on well-stimulation activity. We can’t live without water, but we can live without this additional oil and gas.

Jono Hildner is the Political Chair of the San Gorgonio Chapter of the Sierra Club and a member of the Executive Committee of Sierra Club California. He can be reached at

GSA Automotive – Urgent Recall Message

Toyo Tires Safety Recall

Dear Agency Fleet Manager,

We are writing to inform you that we’ve learned of a tire recall which may affect vehicles in your leased and/or Agency-owned fleet.  The recall is for a series of Toyo brand off-road light truck tires and the details are contained in the attachments to this e-mail.  

Per the information contained in these attachments it appears that affected tires go back as far as October, 2008. 

We urge you to read the attachments and to verify that your light trucks (whether leased or owned) are not impacted by this tire recall.  This is a safety related action and we would request expeditious action.  The recall period expires on March 1, 2015, but the OEM, Toyo Tires, has indicated that they have replacement tires available immediately.

Thank you

If you have any questions or require assistance, call GSA Automotive’s Customer CARE number at (703) 605-CARS (2277) or e-mail at

Update your subscriptions, modify your password or e-mail address, or stop subscriptions at any time on your Subscriber Preferences Page. You will need to use your e-mail address to log in. If you have questions or problems with the subscription service, please contact

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2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference

2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference?

Our State Department says Russian Police committed Human Rights Violations.

Where were these state department officials when Ferguson erupted with police brutality against the black protestors?

Maybe Russians don’t do Police Brutality according to State Department Standards.

Okay Russian PD you must get the State Department to Deny it ever happened in the first place.