See USATodays Timeline of Mass Murder since 2006

Caution this is very shocking and scary to see these statistics over the last 10 years.

Records all Mass Killings of 4 or more people in the US in the last 10 years

According to the statistics everyone in the US has been within 100 miles of a Mass Murder scene regardless of where you live. Or a large % of us have been close

I live in the middle of nowhere yet I am within range of 3 maybe more. The San Bernadino Mass Shooting is the most well known to non California Natives.

USA Today Mass Murder Timeline






Edgar Cayce Predictions of Russia’s Rise to World Peace




Public figures Anti Privacy Campaign

From sea to shiny sea and from The Donald to “Feeling the Bern” to 1st ladies left unattended.  This year is quite a mess on the road to the nomination for political parties race for President.

Who the f*@!? cares just offer Americans what we all know is necessary to fix all the broken parts.  not the same old shit one last time.

Hilary has got to be somewhere with herself on vacation??.It is not the gender inequality in our society or their political atmosphere. It is the fact that Hilary is against GODS command.  The woman of sin, in league with the devil. Forced GODS hand & his command: the female for a helpmate to man. Eating the apple only caused her less power over man and more power over serpents. “Head of his household”.  Man is the head of his household (ownership rights alluded to as well)  Hilary lays to waste that icon of American strength, perseverance, and our power to overcome. It is not called the white house for nothing.


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4th Grade or 10 yrs old your National Parks Free Pass

This is part of a National Parks Program to celebrate National Parks birthday and centennial.  If you are 10 yrs old or in the 4th grade they are offering a free annual park pass for the kids to enjoy.  It began in 2015 and ends soon.

Free annual park pass 4th grade or 10 yrs old


Settlements of Israel and Hilary Clintons Proactive Objections



“With respect to settlements, the President was very clear when Prime Minister Netanyahu was here. He wants to see a stop to settlements – not some settlements, not outposts, not natural growth exceptions. We think it is in the best interests of the effort that we are engaged in that settlement expansion cease. That is our position. That is what we have communicated very clearly, not only to the Israelis but to the Palestinians and others. And we intend to press that point.”
Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton in a joint press conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Ali Aboul Gheit – May 28, 2009
“And yes, I underscored the longstanding American policy that does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlements.”
Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton at AIPAC – March 22, 2009
“First, we want to see a stop to settlement construction, additions, natural growth – any kind of settlement activity. That is what the President has called for.”
Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton in an interview with Abderrahim Foukara of Al Jazeera – May 19, 2009
“…Settlements have to be stopped in order for us to move forward. That’s a difficult issue. I recognize that, but it’s an important one and it has to be addressed.”
President Barack Obama in a press conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel – May 18, 2009

Presidential Candidate comments on Police Deaths

Presidential Candidate BERNIE SANDERS comments on Officer involved deaths in America and some advice on Officer Accountability.  Even the FBI stated they are not keeping track as good as the is. And that we need better accountability of officer involved shootings.

The media is too bias to tell us this its like they are all too busy sucking up to all the personalities trending these days.

Officer involved deaths 2016 – staggering




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In 2012 California’s 3 Strikes Law up for a Vote

Dateline 2012 Ballot:  California’s controversial 3 strikes law went back to voters after 20 years of appeals, scrutiny, and non-violent felons being railroaded by Ludacris officials who see the law as a “quick fix” to reduce crime statistics.  Not just violent crimes.

California 3 strikes law 20 years later

Californian’s know this controversial law has accomplished little. Our state now locks up petty thieves, homeless, drug addicts, veterans, and gang members for life.

Has the 3 strikes law ever been applied to females?   We don’t know.

3 strikes law changed California

Steal a piece of pizza in California and  your life and your liberty are taken from you. Not to mention you will never be free again and you will die behind bars.

In 96 it cost the state $1,500.00 a day to house 1 inmate behind bars.  The cost to house 3 striker inmates after 20 years must be staggering . It has only been 20 years since voters approved the ballot measure spearheaded by a father whos daughter,
Polly Klaas was taken from a slumber party and brutally beaten, raped and murdered. calif-voters-consider-changes-three-strikes-law-18627



The Rosamond child cancer cluster

These are my neighbors. And Rosamond is the border town between Los Angeles County and Kern County neighboring Palmdale/Lancaster – The Antelope Valley.

You can't have my job, but I'll tell you a story

rosamond_2These photos are from the saddest project I ever worked on, the Rosamond childhood cancer cluster. I shot this over several months in 1988. There were two cancer clusters in Kern County at the time. The other was in McFarland, and Henry Barrios worked on that one. Probably because of the political clout and organizing abilities of the United Farm Workers, McFarland received most of the national media attention. But out in the desert, the people of Rosamond found themselves confronting an environmental horror of epic proportions: In a 10-year period, 9 children had come down with cancer, most of them with an extremely rare brain cancer called medullablastoma. The cancer was so rare that one health official said if two cases appeared in a city the size of Los Angeles in the same time period, officials would have considered it cause for alarm. Rosamond had 3,500 residents at the…

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18 day Manhunt in Mojave Desert Ends with Suspect Dead

Kern County Sheriff Officials have finally tracked down an armed and dangerous suspect wanted in the home invasion, hostage style execution of a retired Dentist from Tehachapi.

This just another case of drifters, criminals, thugs, and other citizens of America blatantly disrespecting peoples personal and real property rights. How else does trespassing turn into a home invasion robbery with the property owner tied up and murdered in cold blood?

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A BLM Published Work for Securing Paper Documentation

A first glance and skimming through the pages this BLM Publication could be a wealth of information on the preservation and maintaining of documents, books, ephemera.  It has sections of the various types of papers: Vellum, Parchment, etc.  Another section talks about different coverings, Fake Leather, Leather, and their care and maintenance.

This might be awesome for Pulp Fiction Collectors and any Book Collector is bound to get something out of this free archived work from the bureau of Land Management.


2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference

2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference?

Our State Department says Russian Police committed Human Rights Violations.

Where were these state department officials when Ferguson erupted with police brutality against the black protestors?

Maybe Russians don’t do Police Brutality according to State Department Standards.

Okay Russian PD you must get the State Department to Deny it ever happened in the first place.

2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference

Obama loves dictating to Russia its scruples and Morales.

USA commits Human Rights Violations following the 2011 example Russian Police set during protests in Moscow. 3 years later United States follows suit with Police Officers in Ferguson MO.

Obama needs to pack up and like a thief in the night get the f*#@! out of Washington.  Where is Martin Luther King and Malcolm X right now???  Celebrating

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTIN LUTHER KING we are going to need your style to undo this racial mess we are getting deeper and deeper into. With just 1 idiot president. nobody I know voted for him.  It always should have been you.

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said “we are disturbed by images of police mistreatment of peaceful protesters, both during the protests and after detentions.”

The U.S. and Russia had made significant process in their relationship, he said, but “we’re going to continue to raise human rights issues when we have concerns, and this is one of those cases.”

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Wikipedias Bloggers by Nationality

This is really interesting stuff about Bloggers by nationality with their full names, etc. I came across this reading up on Vladimir Putin and his regime in Russia because I actually like the guy for some reason. I think because he actually smiles sometimes where you never see a Russian leader smile until Gorbachev.

Little known info about Putins leaders; several of them are tweeters. As his opponents bloggers.