Life within a Mojave Desert Attitude

No more Coffee

Facial Expressionism doesn’t reduce wrinkles


I have 4 boys running around  2 adults and 2 teens

Denny, Caleb, Darren, Decklen their dad Dennis and me Mom Melissa. This is the Dennis Mund family of Cantil, California.  East Kern County area of the Mojave Desert.

Dennis is a Plumber and been in the industry since he was 13 yrs old he is 55 now. His Dad, Dare Mund was a Plumber and maybe a few of his children or Grandchildren will also be Plumbers

I’ve always been an Antique’er. My Mom in-law an Antique Doll Dealer from Arizona & California. My husband a lifelong Bottle Collector and the Epitome of an Outdoorsman or Woodsman

Antique Bottle Collection

My husbands bottle collection – all hand dug most from the Mojave Desert area – Locally

We are closer to retirement than we are willing to admit. So I have this grand scheme that when we retire we can go antique since we are already collectors of anything old or hand dug bottles for my husband and Antiques ourselves.bingimagesZedgeWallpapers 2014-03-11 025

My husband is born and raised in the Mojave Desert which is quite lovely without the winds & sand storms, snakes (1 is the 3rd deadliest in the world) and SCORPIONS (I am Phobic)

Few people know Mojave Greens have a natural enemy ???

The beloved pet snake of alot of snake enthusiasts.

“The King Snake”.

DSCF1307 rd2cantillookrandsKern County has alot of Hollywood action, they advertise for our tourism so studios come out here & Producers always like the area.

The new Mad Max was filmed in neighboring town of Cal City. I see this crazy looking car being towed. It reminded me of my childhood days I spent with my Dad at Ascot Raceway.  The Crazy eights and Demolition Derby’s.  That was my crazy, fun filled, thrilling 70’s childhood.  Of course nobody younger knows what I am talking about. Nor does anyone outside of Los Angeles California in the 70’s-80’s. All newbie “Angelino’s” are clueless as well.

I guess those were the good old days.  Thanks Mad Max for reminding me of the lost freedoms of the 70’s and 80’s.

Before personal liabilities in a right to sue state with an open water market, and before nightly news became a mud slinging forum and before droughts made water an actual “Commodity” again. Not just a right we must pay for (so we are hesitant to be wasteful, they claimed). Life in the 70’s was a good time to be a child.


My 3 sons

My 3 sons





One thought on “Life within a Mojave Desert Attitude

  1. Shirin says:

    Water. A commodity. Simply insane. On another note, your plan sounds pretty good to me, cultivating what you already love doing. Have a nice day!


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