Current Events through 2017


What is trending through freedom of the press and freedom of speech upholders. What do news providers spoon feed to us for advertising dollars and popularity ratings. During the Christmas season we are drowning in the following news trends:

  1. President Trump admits to liking Russian Leader Vladimir Putin more than he likes our black President, Obama.
  2. While Reporters miss out on accusing President Trump of being a racist for his choosing Russian Leader over American Leader.  Does Trump finally have the Press by the balls???   I cant wait to see.  This opportunity every news agency passed up.  Trumps own outspoken Controversy isn’t news worthy enough I guess.
  3. Reporting Lies and being plagiarists don’t really give them higher spots in the tv ratings???  There is nothing curious about falsehood and lies being told on television by the news.
  4. Where is the local news media’s sense of community???
  5. Russia hacked the DNC – to help Trump win the Presidency.
  6. My personal favorite.  The press reporting made up, imagined and false Breaking News Stories.  Reporters making fantasies and fairy tales into real news.
  7. The Road Rage Murder of New Orleans Saints young football star
  8. Hillary Clinton subject of known corruption.


‘Welcome to Acapulco’: soldiers stand guard near the resort’s main tourist beach.


A popular tourist destination in Mexico home of the cliff divers is under seige by armed thugs.









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