Agenda 21 Destroyer of Americans Freedoms and Taker of our Lands

Agenda 21 is a United Nations Climate Change and Environmental Pact of Countries that President Bill Clinton signed into action in the United States.  It takes a proactive approach to environmental issues on a global scale.  Agenda 21 of the UN’s Environmental Policy basically wants to change American heritage, lifestyle, liberties, freedoms and ownership rights to name a few.

Through the philosophy of Social Justice everyone is equal, nobody owns property the government owns and controls all the property in America and nobody is wealthy  all monies are distributed equally amongst the classes.

How this philosophy is beneficial to the health of the Earth  ? Isnt !  The UN places itself as the delegates who will herd people like cattle into super cities to live like cockroaches on top of each other in a dung heap to make us a bigger more precise target for terrorist attacks. As well as to be nuked. We will all die and nobody in the outer most city limits can survive because there is nobody held out in rural America. Just endangered species habitat as open space living and filthy overcrowded cities of humans controlled and herded like sheeps to the slaughter.


The only way to accomplish this is through UN population control.  Reminiscence of Hitlers Nazi regime of hatred and fear.  With gas chambers for the hated peoples unworthy of living.  Resource control through medical experimentation and torture. How much water, food, energy, we need automated control. with no more humans who waste.


Agenda 21 is the recipe that is written blasphemy. Slavery revisited and segregation all for our own goods.

We humans, in the creators image and likeness, are destroying the earth. with our pollution because we are such filthy people.  Depletion of our ozone layer with our aersol cans of hairspray.





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