Twitter Erskine Fire 20 miles from my home

In the Mountainous terrain of the Mojave Desert.  There is a wildfire that is spreading like mad due to high winds in the canyons they are gusting as high as 40 miles minimum. over 300 fire fighters are battling the blaze from all directions and their evacuating in Kernville.

The drought conditions have everything so dry and Lake Isabella isn’t a lake anymore.It’s more of a puddle compared to a lake. While the Kern River is more of a glorified stream.

According to reports the fire hydrants keep going dry on the fire fighters.Over 80 structures burned. The wind isn’t forecast to let up until tomorrow evening.  so embers are blowing on everything else.

Pray For our brave fire fighters. California has some of the bravest and strongest firemen in the country.

Windy conditions, drought, drying, low humidity, a lake dried into a puddle.   They are up against hell itself.

up in my local mountains only 30 minutes from my home.

Fire Crews won’t sleep for days fighting this fire.  300+ men and women are fighting and more state crews expected tomorrow.   God help us.

we don’t get a fire storm caused by the perfect conditions for one to happen….

There are firemen up there that are not familiar with the area.  I am so worried about them because they could be lost so easily up there in those conditions.  PRAY for California Firefighters they are up against all odds. Tonight while we all sleep they will be battling all night long with no such thing as too tired or hungry or thirsty.

All the lives they already saved tonight with forced evacuations.

All those people homes are now lost.

Thanks to the brave fire fighters everybody is alive tonight..  But it is all uphill battle for fire crews until the high winds die.  They cant’t make the wind stop only stop the fire.

For the families who are now homeless your neighbors will pull together and be there for you. To get back what is already lost for those families, neighbors and business’s up there. We will have to start gathering supplies now to make sure those people have the basic supplies even though their homes are gone.

Listening to the scanner so many people are seperated 2 teenagers were found and a Father searching for his missing 12 year old son.  I hope he was forced to evacuate by fire fighters  while Dad wasn’t home so they are only separated from eachother.

This is so bad in my local mountains and the news media outlets can only report what they are told or info they can get from eyewitness’s.  This just plays into humans empathy and we become immune to how close human life comes to mortaility from a simple ember floating into the air above our heads. Unseen, Uninhibited, lurking.

Us neighboring rural small communities have alot to be thankful for tonight tomorrow could be our turn to lose everything if this wind shifts in the wrong direction it will be our turn to evacuate the fire miles from our homes.

The drought gives this fire unlimited supply of fuel to ravage the whole Southern Sierras even strike into Tehachapi. just a wind shift can kill dozen’s of firemen so quickly.   These men and women who are dedicated to their jobs are owed more than we can ever give them in gratitude.  They are nothing short of SAINTS.


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