Calif Lottery Official Statement of ticket incident occuring in Palmdale

Undercover officials enter into a gas station on Sierra Hwy handing the store clerk a 75,000 winning ticket & is handed 75.00 in exchange. Here is the link to the lottery’: The official statement re: Palmdale ticket incident.

I am disappointed and upset that this grand larceny is so widespread even after a store clerk was beaten half to death and hospitalized. He stuck to his story pressing full blown charges of attempted murder until it was discovered by the assailants family. the guys childrens babysitter (divorced with x-wife having custody) happened to win the exact same amount on the exact same ticket.

But the guy still got 2 years for a minor assault because he shouldn’t take matters into his own hands.  If he wouldn’t have (because without proof the cops don’t even investigate it – who can protect and serve with a lost cause?) So we are forced to defend ourselves.  This is a perfect example of how JUSTICE and DEMOCRACY can only go so far. It is not fullproof, and most Americans have been raised up to don’t put too much faith in the Justice System because it is not GOD.

What form of human rights does the violate?  When we are forced in our own communities to defend ourselves because we are the lucky winners of our California lottery.  This shit is happening in a rural desert town of California full of working class citizens.

Business owners are suppose to have a higher integrity because they have a customer base that depends on them to be trustworthy. They are handling thousands of our dollars everyday.

Why rip someone off who just won the lottery?  Wouldn’t an average “HUMAN BEING” be happy for this lucky person?  I would, All my friends would, my local school teachers would, my local cops would, everyone I do business with would.  And I find out the store of redemption and purchase gets a cut of the winnings. for every winner they sell they are given a percentage???

What kind of people that are nothing short of DEMONIC act this way??