Agenda 21 Destroyer of Americans Freedoms and Taker of our Lands

Agenda 21 is a United Nations Climate Change and Environmental Pact of Countries that President Bill Clinton signed into action in the United States.  It takes a proactive approach to environmental issues on a global scale.  Agenda 21 of the UN’s Environmental Policy basically wants to change American heritage, lifestyle, liberties, freedoms and ownership rights to name a few.

Through the philosophy of Social Justice everyone is equal, nobody owns property the government owns and controls all the property in America and nobody is wealthy  all monies are distributed equally amongst the classes.

How this philosophy is beneficial to the health of the Earth  ? Isnt !  The UN places itself as the delegates who will herd people like cattle into super cities to live like cockroaches on top of each other in a dung heap to make us a bigger more precise target for terrorist attacks. As well as to be nuked. We will all die and nobody in the outer most city limits can survive because there is nobody held out in rural America. Just endangered species habitat as open space living and filthy overcrowded cities of humans controlled and herded like sheeps to the slaughter.


The only way to accomplish this is through UN population control.  Reminiscence of Hitlers Nazi regime of hatred and fear.  With gas chambers for the hated peoples unworthy of living.  Resource control through medical experimentation and torture. How much water, food, energy, we need automated control. with no more humans who waste.


Agenda 21 is the recipe that is written blasphemy. Slavery revisited and segregation all for our own goods.

We humans, in the creators image and likeness, are destroying the earth. with our pollution because we are such filthy people.  Depletion of our ozone layer with our aersol cans of hairspray.





Media Bias is Fueling the Rise of Hate Groups

A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center claims the number of hate groups in the U.S. are on the rise, which it blames on terrorist attacks as well as President Trump’s rhetoric. In its annual report on U.S. extremist groups, the Alabama-based nonprofit says the number of hate groups rose from 892 in…

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California Inmate On Death Row Since 1988 Dies In The Hospital — CBS Sacramento

SAN QUENTIN (CBS13) – A death row inmate died in the hospital, prison officials say. Dennis Duane Webb had been on death row since August 1988 for the murder of San Luis Obispo couple John and Lori Rainwater. Webb was convicted of breaking into the couple’s home, raping and killing the couple. Tuesday, Webb was…

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How to Blacklist — HarsH ReaLiTy

Tis the Season for trolls? Want to remove their comments automatically? Go to your admin settings and blacklist their asses! My current blacklist is empty… but there was a time when it had over a hundred names! Yes… believe it or not some people have not liked my site in the past! I know right! […]

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Gunmen in Rio Capture Swedish Tourist Before Olympics — TIME

Gunmen near a slum in Rio de Janeiro ambushed three Swedish tourists and held one captive on Wednesday. None of the tourists were hurt, but the incident heightened fears about crime in Olympics host city just before the summer games are set to kick off. The tourists were headed to downtown Rio from a spot…

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Amber Alert in Reno Nevada

RENO (CBS13) – An Amber Alert has been issued in Reno for a missing girl. Six-year-old Olivia Houston was last seen on Thursday wearing a light-colored tank top and dark multicolored shorts. She is missing out of Mineral County. Authorities are looking for a gold, 2000 Dodge Intrepid with the Nevada license plate number 117AWJ.…

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Free Hunting Classes for California Hunters

The following link is from California wildlife .gov they offer free hunting, game, fishing lessons online for free to first time liscensees.

As well as other educational programs for schools and publications as public service.  any outdoors person, their children and adventurers will like this site for info and tips and free hunting classes.


Learning programs and teaching aides for classrooms




California Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program

A Quick Link to Californias Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program Check it out before it is over:

Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program 2015-2017


There are alot of requirements to meet in this program and if qualified up to 50-80% of your ticket and you will get your drivers liscense reinstated.

It is worth a try


Public figures Anti Privacy Campaign

From sea to shiny sea and from The Donald to “Feeling the Bern” to 1st ladies left unattended.  This year is quite a mess on the road to the nomination for political parties race for President.

Who the f*@!? cares just offer Americans what we all know is necessary to fix all the broken parts.  not the same old shit one last time.

Hilary has got to be somewhere with herself on vacation??.It is not the gender inequality in our society or their political atmosphere. It is the fact that Hilary is against GODS command.  The woman of sin, in league with the devil. Forced GODS hand & his command: the female for a helpmate to man. Eating the apple only caused her less power over man and more power over serpents. “Head of his household”.  Man is the head of his household (ownership rights alluded to as well)  Hilary lays to waste that icon of American strength, perseverance, and our power to overcome. It is not called the white house for nothing.


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Branson ‘determined to find out what went wrong’ –

Branson ‘determined to find out what went wrong’ –

I am thankful to Mr. Branson for not letting the Memory of the Pilot who is a hero to the residents of Cantil be forgotten.

The story was all over the news as “Virgin Galactic” aircraft has crashed and 1 pilot confirmed dead.

Everyone was waiting for confirmation of Mr. Branson’s Dead flying his own plane.  Once they found out it wasn’t Mr. Branson not another word about the crash was reported or it was a 15 second update in between local police chase and fracking companies lawsuit.

I know Richard Branson would be very disappointed to find out, if he was the dead pilot,  reporters would be all over the desert and Mojave Airport for the next week.  This is really sick that one persons death is more important than a Pilot that died a HERO. Trying to avert the falling fiery plane from our homes. He lost his life Succeeding

The debris is less than 1/8 of a mile away from our homes with smaller debris scattered down our dirt roads and empty lots. The pilot achieved his goal.

We went out this morning. I swear this is the truth.  There is not one single nut, bolt, screw or piece of debris on ours, the neighbors, or my sisters properties.  It is scattered all around us.  Our gardens and yards somehow have no debris except some bolts on my sisters that is a county right of way area near the street. Nothing on the immediate property. We are shocked and amazed somehow our homes sustained no debris but empty lots and field are scattered with it that are right next door.

We are hurt by the empathy of national news at dissing the Pilots deaths because they were not famous or a billionaire. To residents in Cantil they are nothing short of AMERICAN HEROES who died to keep us safe. And who suffers extensive injuries in a hospital somewhere.

And all the shit talked about “Billionaire Richard Branson” as a child killer and baby murderer. What the hell. If depth of character is measured by his actions then why not measured from the fact he employs HEROES not just Pilots.  All the shit talkers would have left it to fate,  if we lived or died, and ejected. These pilots stayed and are suffering for it this very moment.

What type of injuries do you think a pilot sustains from an exploding plane falling out of the sky 45,000 feet.  FREE FALLING ON FIRE maybe.  Remember what 2 planes took out on 9/11.  This one had a Hybrid Rocket, now detached and less than 1000′ from homes.

But it isn’t as news worthy because Richard Branson wasn’t in it. I guarantee, he would have done the same thing.   Not many men have what it takes that makes Pilots who they are. As a humanitarian – It takes the “Right Stuff”  and they simply and considerately call it “their job to ensure safety,”

GOD BLESS YOU MR. BRANSON  don’t let them forget their Empathy

I want all the news, {especially when my home is in it.} not just what is a ratings winner,  death of a famous, billionaire, bachelor.  The residents will never forget the memory of a complete stranger who risked his life for our safety from the sky.

Our deepest sympathy to the families suffering with this tragic loss.

May Gods Mercy be with the wounded for a recovery that has him home by Christmas.  Our prayers are with you.