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Blogger Issued Cease and Desist Order

A Northern California Blogger is issued a cease and desist order and asked to delete information in his blog regarding the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff lead by Ammon Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s son. The information on his blog is in reference to undercover informants who were part of the standoff. If info re: informants is confidential why does an ordinary Blogger have information leading to knowledge of their identities???   It never pays to be a snitch.  Nobody likes a snitch not even the justice system.

Blogger issued a Cease and Desist order for his BLOG Posts

One member of the group was murdered by federal agents with his hands in the air and unarmed they used excessive force and shot and killed an unarmed in compliance American Citizen exercising his right to first amendment protest and gathering in protest of government corruption.

The Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff group was arrested and charged with conspiracy. Recently acquitted in the Oregon standoff. Still facing similar charges in Nevada for another standoff with BLM officials.

After BLM became cattle rustlers and held Cliven Bundy’s herd of cattle behind locked gates on “Public Lands” managed by BLM.  BLM had snipers, dressed in tactical gear. BLM appeared as a militia group rather than BLM officials

The Bundy’s are the Rancher family that goes head to head with the corruption and underhanded dealings of the seemingly untouchable government bureau BLM. Employed to manage American citizens “PUBLIC LANDS” for Americans enjoyment and use. Government red tape, bureaucracy, and environmental issues are justifications for closing our public lands for public use.  Giving only BLM access to our public lands.

It is estimated, in the western United States  alone, hundreds of millions of acres of land is under the control of BLM



See USATodays Timeline of Mass Murder since 2006

Caution this is very shocking and scary to see these statistics over the last 10 years.

Records all Mass Killings of 4 or more people in the US in the last 10 years

According to the statistics everyone in the US has been within 100 miles of a Mass Murder scene regardless of where you live. Or a large % of us have been close

I live in the middle of nowhere yet I am within range of 3 maybe more. The San Bernadino Mass Shooting is the most well known to non California Natives.

USA Today Mass Murder Timeline






NRA Endorses Trump calls Hilary “Heartless”‘

Trump called Hilary’s democratic Gun Control Support “Heartless” as Trump states “The people in the high crime areas can not defend themselves because of all the Gun Control” Which Hilary supports



Trump has a lot of good arguments and he himself is the best argument… He knows he cannot do any worse than any other candidate for President.  His High Energy and potential is very invigorating to say the least. The best thing is he stands up for his beliefs and doesn’t worry about who is judging him for it.  He believes what he believes.




Antique Bottle Subscriptions and Links

Anyone Interested in Antique bottles might enjoy these links for magazines, sites, subscriptions, and more for the avid collector.  I love the online bottle industry it is very informative, doesn’t try to sell bottle prices, or identifications, to a rookie with an “Old Bottle from Grandma”. They let you learn yourself through their own collecting and bottle experiences     ENJOY



Nova in Sagittarius Brighter Than Ever – Catch it with the Naked Eye!

Nova Sagittarii 2015 No. 2 in the Sagittarius “Teapot”was easily visible with the naked eye at magnitude +4.4 when this photo was taken this morning March 21. The nova has been steadily brightening since its discovery less than a week ago. Credit:…

Attention all Sagittarius’s Not only are we a constellation closest a Supermassive Black Hole but we are now the zodiac sign with a NOVA within its constellation. We are truly a “FIRE” Element

Nova in Sagittarius Brighter Than Ever – Catch it with the Naked Eye!


2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference

2011 Russian Protestors vs 2014 Ferguson Protestors What is the difference?

Our State Department says Russian Police committed Human Rights Violations.

Where were these state department officials when Ferguson erupted with police brutality against the black protestors?

Maybe Russians don’t do Police Brutality according to State Department Standards.

Okay Russian PD you must get the State Department to Deny it ever happened in the first place.


Glossary | CDCF PCI

Anyone with Cancer in their life or the life of a suffering loved one better follow doctors orders from the CDC themselves campaigning this for the health of the people. I will post more on this later I found a strange exploitation that makes no sense to me & is VIP as this is cancer they are talking about to me who has watched more than 5 people die of cancer

Glossary | CDCF PCI


America’s PrepareAthon! Communications Tools |

This is specifically for Earthquake preparedness. As I am now realizing back in 2005 I watched California earthquakes daily for several years prior until my computer crashed. Imagine just 10 years ago no mobile phones, smartphones, phone with its own internet connection just talk maybe text I don’t remember. Anyway I recently been browsing the earthquake site weekly or so and it is so scary
In 2005, 1 month Average 1000 earthquakes & this was in the highest range approx 777 on a Thursday before my computer crashed but there was still a few days left in the month and I remember this being a higher month than usual. On this particular day there were 26 earthquakes at 10pm.

Today 2015 there are 700+ A WEEK not Monthly averages. I believe it resets on Sunday and Today (Thursday) there is already 523+
I haven’t found weekly averages for earthquakes on the site. I noticed they have expanded with california colleges like Berkley tracking earthquakes now too so the info has expanded like the # of earthquakes.

I want to be prepared for my family’s sake. I have 4 boys from adult to preschooler and Preparedness is a Absolute Must for me.

America’s PrepareAthon! Communications Tools |


Copy of de3cklenSciPresentation – Google Slides

Anybody ever needs to do a presentation or report. Google is awesome for it. they have templates you can choose from and just add your info any customization is so simple you already know how if you blog or ecommerce or have typed a letter in windows. I used it for my boys to enter science project info into with me managing the customizing parts

Copy of de3cklenSciPresentation – Google Slides